Songs Sung By Singers

Three Diverse Collections Featuring original Songs

Working in Progress: Based upon customer demand, we are carefully curating more songs that we hope to have availailable, but we think that the three albums below represent a great preliminary taste.


PROGRESSIVE SPACE CROONER songs by Dean Drouillard and Joshua Van Tassel - For those who have already licensed several Space Tiger Instrumental pieces for a given work and are now in nead of a song, this is a great place to start. These 8 songs have close sonic links to space tiger instrumental material.


ROCK BLUE DRIVE songs by Jake Chisholm: Timeless, useful and  beautifully produced Bluesy, Rocks songs by a renowned Canadian Artist. There are also a few jazzy swing numbers thrown in towards the end.

SONGS FOR KID'S SHOWS songs by Mark Weinstock: A lovely selection of tastefully crafted songs for children's programming.

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