Prey Stalk - Tension Dark Movement

A Space Tiger Signature Album:


Tension Dark Movement

An album of conceptual pieces written to create tension and in some cases movement.

Prey Stalk Vol 1 - AMBUSH takes a more rhythmic moving approach to this theme wherein

Prey Stalk Vol 2 WARY OF ENEMIES presents a more textural, ethereal approach.

Many of these pieces can work in different ways low or high in the mix. Turn the volume way down and they will add a subtle but impact-full element to a scene or mixed high, many of these tracks could make a shot of a man drinking coffee feel like all hell is about to break loose.

Click on a picture below to download preview trax that you can pull into your editing session and preview at will. Take full labums or choose from small curated folders of select tracks from 'Prey Stalk' based on Attributes and Genre.