How to use Space Tiger: (how to vid to be added) 

As a boutique curated library, our goal is a marriage between high end, functional, progressive music with simplicity and ease of use. While we are certain you will find our method to be delightful in comparison to large industrial music libraries, it may help to take you through it.

Step 1: Click on either 'Cub Psudelynom (insert cool space name here )' for the following six categories ( categories based on most common cinematic categories..  or ' Tiger's whatever cool name"  (categories based on music descriptors or genres or somehting).. 

Step 2: Find the category that best suits your needs. You can listen to some selected tracks from the category on the media player or download a selection free of charge... Downloaded tracks will have anti-piracy audio tags.. You are welcome to pull them into your editing session or listen to them free of charge, then if you choose to buy you will receive downloadable hi res master tracks with no audio tags after purchase.. If you would like a few downloadable master tracks to check out prior to purchase, we are a boutique that aims to serve, so you can drop us a line and give us your company and project info and we will send you some stuff.. 

Step 3: Once you have decided on a track that you would like to license go to our purchase window, select the kind of license that you require and complete your purchase.. All necessary paperwork will then be sent via email.. If you would like to license a package of tracks, tracks for uses across multiple platforms, or discuss customized or semi-customized music drop a line or try the chat window and we will get back to you very quickly.

For any questions email