Hot Space Wind - Right Light Touches Dark L'il Somethings - Subtlety

A Space Tiger Signature Album:

HOT SPACE WIND is a series of 3 short albums geared towards subtlety. These tracks are mixed and conceptualized based on media needs when a piece just needs a little touch of something. Hence HOT SPACE WIND's subtitle LIGHT RIGHT TOUCHES DARK L'IL SOMETHINGS.

Hot Space Wind Vol 1 - DUSK OF THE RHINO - TENSE MOTION SUBTLETY: Tracks that exude tension, foreboding, darkness and fear in a subtle musical package geared to be Felt More than Heard.

Hot Space Wind Vol 2: PLATEAU DREAMS FANTASIES AND NIGHTMARES: Dreamlike, Surrealist, Minimalist and Ethereal qualities. 

Hot Space Wind Vol 3: GREEN CLOUD WIND: Music that expresses despair, sadness and other similar adjectives in a subtle musical package that the audience will Feel more than hear.

Click on the picture below to download preview trax that you can pull into your editing session and preview at will. For smaller selections (10-15 tracks), check out individual Hot Space wind Volumes.