Space Tiger Music Boutique



Space Tiger's Boutique concept functions as a hybrid between a traditional music library and an Indy Record Store. 


The small and nimble nature of the boutique allows us to look forward for new and effective sounds where the industrial libraries study last years data and work to keep up.

Are we bias towards sounds that are progressive and interesting? Yes, I suppose we are, but that is countered by years of professional experience in a range of settings that allow us to understand your needs, and attempt to hear with your ears.

The tracks that make up Space Tiger albums are curated towards a balance between hip, forward thinking compositions and practical usage.

Space Tiger’s small group of creators maintain a growing and deep well of diverse experience as musicians, producers and film/tv composers.  Space Tiger composers have played with written with and produced for a diverse range of top Canadian recording artists such as The Great Lake Swimmers, Bahamas, Sarah Slean, Serena Ryder, Royal Wood, Buffy Sainte Marie, Jill Barber and many many more.

Credits included Canada Goose Ad,  Vice on Hbo (weekly documentary series) , Nordstrom, , Bell Media (E talk, Daily Planet, Marilyn Dennis etc) ,Vice Branded Content, Custom Sports Hip Hop to 3 investigative docu series airing now in North America and Europe.

In addition to our library, we offer custom services.


for more info please see Composer bios, Selected Credits, Testimonials, Videos or drop us a line with any questions to .